We have extensive experience managing and delivering complex development and regeneration projects for both public and private sector clients.

Led by Simon Davis, Urban Delivery offers a unique blend of surveying, commercial, strategic and economic skills focussed on Project Delivery, Project Viability and Project Capacity.

  • Advise at all levels of public sector organisations and regularly advise chief executives, leading officers and senior members
  • Understand the public and private sectors and the roles and relationships within and how public authorities vary whether they be large or small, urban or rural, jointly managed or related bodies.
  • Advise in a wide variety of locations throughout the UK including, cities, towns, urban extensions, estates and green-field sites, covering a wide range of land uses including housing in all its forms, mixed-use, employment, leisure, social, cultural and other land uses.
  • Provide a strong team who can also draw on external bespoke consultants where necessary, including urban designers, architects and highways consultants,  allowing flexibility in our approach to projects in assembling the best teams to meet specific challenges.
  • Understand that we need to be flexible, diverse and fully committed to support our clients.
  • Deliver creativity in our work to deliver projects by combining vision and pragmatism
  • Provide considerable experience in managing the processes and creating value and financial solutions that allow our clients to maximise the beneficial impact of projects.
  • Always offer close working with senior officers to ensure statutory due diligence and extensive experience from both professional surveying and legal backgrounds to ensure statutory compliance
  • Ensure internal compliance and we have extensive experience of negotiating, drafting and advising on development agreements and annexes.
  • Offer senior judgement and experience advising officers and members and private clients and advise regularly on business plans, overage/surplus and capital versus revenue and provide advice direct to section 151 officers and ensure councils are fully aware of their local government investment powers.
  • Offer significant procurement expertise from soft market testing to identifying the most appropriate process, through proper procurement preparation, evaluation methodologies, selection and appointment, best value and New Directive opportunities. 
  • Best Consideration compliance (e.g. s123 LGA), asset backed vehicles, land disposals, dispensations.